So as another year has knocked upon our doorstep I sit back and wonder what will happen this year? How will you or I change this year?

2012 is going to be a big year for Red PR and with that comes big things for those working underneath the ‘Red’ umbrella. While I can look back on 2011 with great admiration, I am ready to grow and change as everyone and everything does with each passing year.

I am also eager to see the leaps and bounds that technology will make this year. A year is a long time (although it seems to fly by) and I expect to see new products, new ways of communicating and new initiatives that we can introduce to our clients.

This year I chose to start things a little differently. Instead of making a list of resolutions I will likely never keep (like drink less coffee, NOT LIKELY!), I decided to choose a theme for 2012. So for me in 2012: I will not turn little things into big things.

In the working environment, well any environment really (personal or private), it is so easy to turn small issues or situations into bigger problems in your head, lose sleep and then realise later that it was never as bad as you first thought. So for this year I will concentrate on the things I can control and to know that I will always learn from the things I can’t control.

We all know that it won’t be long before another new year pops into our lives, so let’s enjoy this year, learn all we can and aim to remain loyal to our themes.

So, I ask you, what is your theme for 2012?

15 Years of Fame