When it comes to growing a business, most companies turn to marketing and communications to reach the right audience, gain widespread recognition and build brand credibility.

Traditionally, businesses planned their marketing and communications strategies separately, creating individual plans with separate goals and dividing up responsibility among specialist agencies for advertising, public relations, direct marketing, and now social media.

More often than not however, when businesses implement an integrated strategy, it yields better results and creates maximum communications impact.

Here’s why.

Integrated campaigns use the same communication tools to reinforce each other and improve marketing effectiveness. A brands key messages used in advertising material are affectively reinforced by the same message communicated in press releases used to create earned media opportunities, which are then repurposed for use on social media, and again through direct email marketing.

Using creative consistency across these platforms allows you to build a cohesive brand message that communicates a clear message to consumers and delivers a superior customer experience via the medium or format they prefer.

As an agency, we often refer back to research that shows consumers need to experience five meaningful touchpoints with a business or brand before they act. An integrated campaign that uses a combination of various communication tools will ensure your business is kept ‘top-of-mind’ and has the upper hand in a crowded marketplace.

Naturally, the different segments of your business will have different goals but, a unified strategy will sync up goals and objectives, leading to greater cut through and results.

If you have taken a virtual tour through The Red Republic website, you will see we call ourselves a ‘brand experience agency’. Our job is to connect your brand to your audience in a meaningful way that delivers real results, drives traffic and builds loyal communities online and offline.

We’re a one-stop communications shop, offering the best integrated communications strategies your business could ask for. Trust me, they’re award winning.

So if you need a killer strategy for your business, give me a call (02) 9211 1954.

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