read: BRIEF

Red PR has worked with Zone Fresh Gourmet Markets since 2007 and has developed a fantastic working relationship. Red PR’s brief is to assist in raising the awareness of Zone Fresh through a comprehensive and integrated PR program that encompasses editorial publicity, company profiling, promotional opportunities and strategic business partnerships.

In March 2009, through links with Channel 10 and B105FM, Red PR developed an opportunity for Zone Fresh that capitalised on the launch of new TV series, Master Chef.

B105FM launched a ‘Disaster Chef’ promotion to find out which of the morning crew was the worst chef, by holding a series of cooking challenges. Red PR negotiated for Zone Fresh to be a principle in-kind sponsor of Disaster Chef, essentially providing all produce and products in return for on air and website promotion.


The Disaster Chef competition was held for two weeks and was heavily promoted by B105. Zone Fresh was ultimately involved in three stunts throughout the promotion including:

  • Providing all produce for a family feast challenge that involved the three morning crew hosts cooking a meal for a local family of six
  • An in-store event at Zone Fresh Windsor that saw the three hosts cook and provide taste testing for shoppers
  • Providing all produce for the fi nal Disaster Chef challenge when the morning crew took over a local restaurant and cooked for more than 170 patrons.

In return for providing the produce and the venue for the second challenge, Zone Fresh received more than a dozen live reads, on air credits from the morning crew, logo placement on the B105FM website and the opportunity to place signage and provide gift bags with promotional material at the fi nal challenge event.

spoken: RESULTS

The promotion ultimately achieved more than $232,000 in publicity for Zone Fresh, a return on investment of more than 900%. The in-store stunt also increased traffi c and sales in the store and was a great boost to staff morale. Zone Fresh utilised the images and association with Disaster Chef on their own website and in their newsletters. The promotion created a new relationship for Zone Fresh and paves the way for working with B105FM in the future.

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