It’s similar to a mood board or the pin board you may have in your office, full of cuttings from magazines, postcards and inspirational pictures – only online. Pinterest is a place where you can collate all your favourite images, or video’s from the web and share them on a virtual bulletin board, after they’ve been uploaded onto the site.

Once uploaded, the images become known as ‘Pins’ and you can place them on customised, themed boards for any topic imaginable, from weddings, to cars to cats. So if you’re planning a wedding, you can essentially upload all the images that inspire you, instead of keeping them in a bulky ring binder. Boards can have multiple contributors, which makes it easy to collaborate with co-workers and friends.

Like re-tweeting, you can scroll through other peoples content and re-pin it to your wall. You can also ‘like’ boards, post comments and follow a pinners profile. Tweeting or sharing pins on Facebook will help you to expand your network.

Businesses are starting to use Pinterest to connect with people who are interested in their products or style. Online shops can link ‘pin it’ buttons to encourage customers to share products on their pin boards, and companies can use their boards to share content with customers. For example, a clothing store might use a pin board to post the latest fashion trends or a food producer could post recipes. Consumers can find out more about a brands personality as they pin things that they’re interested in, which will help to build a community around your business.

Pinterest is still a fairly new social media platform for businesses, but at our PR Agency Sydney, we’re starting to discover its’ potential and can advise clients how they can use it to digitally interact with their customers, on a more visual level than Facebook.

Happy pinning!

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