Early this year (2016), I knew it was time to work harder than ever to secure a permanent full time position in the field of my dreams. At 21 years old, I knew there was a wide world of business facets I could enter into, but found actually getting the opportunity tested my patience and esteem.

After completing multiple internships and work experiences throughout my degree and knowing the value that it can bring – I knew I had to apply for an internship at the Red Republic to further cement my passions, knowledge and ability within the industry.

Cue two weeks after submitting my application; I started interning at the Red Republic. I recall being so excited about my first day interning at a PR agency – I bought a new dress on my modest Bunnings wage – a very big deal for me and my limited bank account. 

A month after starting at the Red Republic, I was offered a second internship as a marketing intern at The Red Republic’s sister business. Both internships were very different but worked really well together as they broadened my awareness, knowledge and ability in the marketing and public relations industry.

After all my internships, I was still surprised at how much I learnt. I truly believe the value of an internship not only adds to a university degree, but speaking from personal experience, I learnt so much more in my three months as an intern at The Red Republic than my three years at University. The amount of feedback and lifelong referees I was able to gain during those three months further cement my opinions on interning!

At the conclusion of my internship, being at the right place at the right time meant I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to help in the office a couple of times a week as a paid member of staff. Move aside Bunnings, I am now a lady of luxury – from rags to riches; from boots to stilettos.

Now, I am a Public Relations Executive at The Red Republic – still learning as much as ever and growing in confidence every day! Every week I can see myself growing into a better PR gal and soaking up as much knowledge as I can from the girls at Red who mentor and motivate me each day.

I believe success rewards those who are the most persistent. It rewards those who stick with it through the dip. It rewards those who are committed and willing to take chances. It rewards those who are passionate.

If you’re willing to take the plunge; get creative with your resume; broaden your mind and further your knowledge / connections, I urge you to apply for an internship here at The Red Republic, or where your passions lay – it can only lead to good things for your career!

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