This was the invitation we extended to many an innocent bystander in Sydney’s lunch host-spot, Australia Square recently. And no – this cheeky little stunt was not to aid Wazza get a date (he is already spoken for sorry ladies) but to help raise the profile of as the website to go to for all your accommodation booking needs.

By now I am sure most of you have seen the TVC’s and billboards with a scantily clad Warwick Capper (is there any other kind?) spruiking for – one of Australia’s leading online accommodation providers. We recently had the privilege of getting really ‘hands-on’ with this quirky campaign, setting up a mock hotel room in the middle of Sydney and running live reads on Today FM together with an online competition asking people who they would most like to hop into bed with. Men and women alike jumped at the opportunity (literally!) to get into bed with Warwick and have their photos taken for the chance to win a spectacular weekend for two in the Hunter Valley.

You may be wondering – why go to these lengths to promote a brand? Well, think about the many flyers that get thrust into your hands as you walk down the street. How inclined are you to read them and take action? Like most, you probably glance at it briefly before tossing it in the nearest council bin. If you were however, having lunch at your regular spot and saw Warwick Capper lounging about in a robe, flanked by numerous Warwick look-a-likes, it’s likely to make an impact and leave you more than just a little curious!

The campaign was a huge success, with over 800 people cosying up to Warwick for a happy snap and their chance to win a weekend away. The website received the largest amount of unique visitors ever recorded in the weekend following the promotion and has now set a new benchmark moving forward. Due to the success of the Sydney activity, Warwick will be ready to jump in bed in Brisbane and Melbourne in the New Year – so keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime, check out for incredible deals up to 99 days in advance and unique packages exclusive to

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