The Red Republic Team

Dear friends of Red PR and Blue by Red PR,

We are exceptionally proud that the Red PR Group has been successfully trading for over ten years. There has been literally hundreds of campaigns, millions of clippings and social media posts, hundreds of show stopping events, many a sponsorship negotiation, a few dozen team members and I’d even go as far to say millions of client meetings.

We’ve grown so much, we aren’t just a PR agency anymore, we are a full service communication agency, we are a digital agency, we are a creative agency and we had spent so much of our time promoting you that we forgot to evolve our brand to reflect who we are. So we made some big decisions in 2013 and we decided to start owning who we are.

The Red PR group are dynamic, we are confident, we push boundaries, we achieve for our clients, we start conversations on every platform, we engage you with your customers, we are connectors, we are unconventional, we listen, we influence, we do things our way, we are strong together, we are family and we are a new breed of PR. Because of all of these reasons, we are rebranding as The Red Republic.

The hardest part of the rebrand was not the name change because we were ready, but moving away from our signature colour red. But red was expected of us and it was obvious.

Red has become part of our culture, it is the way we do things, but it was time for a change and we wanted to push our own boundaries – we hope you like our new look as much as we do.

Under our banner is both Brisbane and Sydney offices, our social media division Gen Red, our training division Red University and our newly launched graphic design studio, Design by Republic.

Many of you have been on our journey with us for more years than we care to remember and I thank you for your business, friendship and many laughs. Please join me as we enter our second decade in business as The Red Republic.

We look forward to seeing you soon in either of our newly refurbished Brisbane and Sydney offices.

Here’s to another 10 years!

Kind regards

Fleur Madden
The Red Republic

The Red Republic



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