Allow me to introduce myself. I am Victoria Parker, the new Marketing and Communications Director at Red PR and this is my challenge.

The Cambodian Cycling Challenge will involve me cycling 350kms across Cambodia to raise $10 000 for children affected by war, while volunteering at several orphanages along the way.

I committed to this initiative as part of a growing awareness of how lucky we are in Australia – with the choices we have, the standard of living we enjoy, the things we take for granted.  I’ve found that with the speed that we live our lives it’s an easy hop-skip-and-a-jump to being consumed by trivial problems, rather than the fundamental requirements to stay alive that affect so many others.  Things like the right to vote; access to a public health and education system; the availability of public housing; access to affordable food; the certainty of eye contact and a loving touch; and the list sadly goes on.   With a three year old son of my own, this reality deeply affects me.

But I’m not a bleeding heart by nature, so I decided to do something about it!  For those that know me, committing to a physical challenge, such as the Cambodian Cycling Challenge, is completely out of the box.  For starters, I didn’t own a bike and hadn’t ridden in about 20 years!  And, I have never been to a developing country, let alone with a group of people that I didn’t know.

But I didn’t want to focus on the reasons why I shouldn’t because that can be paralysing, so I paid my deposit, declared the end game and planned to figure out the ‘how’ along the way.

Two weeks later I received a random phone call from a friend who said they had sourced a boutique mountain bike company who would like to sponsor me by donating a custom-fitted mountain bike and two hours of training every week to ensure I was fit and ready for the ride.  Immediately, my two biggest concerns had disappeared.

This started a train of support from amazing organisations who share my belief that we all need to become more aware of the issues around the globe and focus on making the lives of others better, including:

  • Batlow Apples Co-op have donated 3 000 apples for the Cambodian orphans
  • Singapore Air have agreed to fly the apples to Cambodia free of charge
  • Brisbane Boutique Bikes have donated a Banshee mountain bike and weekly training sessions
  • The Sit Down Comedy Club will host a fundraising event on the 19 March  with USA comedy man Eddy Ifft headlining
  • Boost Juice have promoted the adventure in their e-newsletter to over  300 000 consumers
  • Snap Fitness Milton are organising fun runs and other fundraising initiatives
  • A slew of other businesses and people are contributing raffle prizes, money, professional skills and moral support

The beautiful thing is that the more businesses and people that join my ‘team’, the more motivated I am and the more positive the whole experience is – and I haven’t yet left the country!  I can’t wait to get over there and experience the physical and mental challenge that awaits me.  Wish me luck!

For more information or to find out ways you can support my adventure, please email me at [email protected] or visit my website.

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War Child Australia strives to alleviate the suffering of children affected by war and provides relief aid, communication and information and safe play areas to those affected.

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