As some of you may know, the Red PR girls have been on a self-imposed 12 week fitness challenge. Next Monday will officially mark the halfway point on this challenge and although some of us didn’t think we could make it this far – We are all fairly excited to see our changes taking (slightly skinnier) shape.

With six of us actively doing the challenge, we have already lost 15 kgs and a total of 53.5cms – not bad for a bunch of reformed Caramello Koala addicts.

More importantly, we have definitely noticed a big difference in the way we are feeling. More energy, better sleeps, and much more balanced. It’s truly incredible what a difference a month and a half can do to your general wellbeing.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been challenging. When things get stressful –little habits like drinking a glass of wine instead of a calm tea have proven hard to break. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit and although 6 weeks hasn’t totally broken our urge for afternoon snack time, our naughty habits are easier to resist every day.

To stop us from getting bored, we have also tried to mix it up. Tomorrow a few of us are trying out something a bit different with a trampoline bouncing fitness class – how fun! I look forward to updating you in a few weeks with our progress – For those feeling inspired feel free to join in our challenge. It’s not too late!

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