Red PR gets behind the wheel with Lowndsey - The Red Republic

Last year 20 people died on the roads in Queensland as a result of rain or wet roads, equating to 7.4% of the total road toll.

Many people, myself included, are unaware of exactly how to handle themselves if their car starts to skid, or you face flooded roads, so what better way to learn then from the best?

Lowndsey let us in on his best tips for driving in wet weather, with handy hints such as drive in the tracks of the car in front of you, do not use your high beam headlights and always check your tyres, whilst showing us just what happens when the car does lose control.

With the crazy weather we have been having across Queensland and Australia lately, it feels good that we can do our bit as a PR Agency in Brisbane, together with Suncorp Insurance, to help out and keep Queensland Roads Safer!

To check out a video of all the behind the scenes action and make your commitment to providing Safer Qld Roads click here.