The Brief

30 minute kickboxing circuit, 9Round needed assistance in launching their brand in Australia, after their incredibly successful U.S expansion.

What we did and why it worked

Our goal was to gain national media exposure for the brand, and introduce Australians to the 9Round workout, highlighting it’s key points of difference, and positioning it as a highly effective and different form of HIIT training.

Our strategy included a targeted editorial campaign, leveraging on new club openings, as well as an influencer engagement strategy to drive consumer interest. We created engaging media launch events with low hanging smog and moody red lighting to bring the workout to life.

The Results

After just 3 months of PR amplification, our campaign has generated $487,000 in publicity value and executed launch events in Brisbane and Melbourne. We have also secured in-kind contracts with 10 high-profile influencers who post in the clubs on a regular basis to drive awareness and hype.